Polished Pretty

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    The festive get-togethers have begun and between socializing, working and shopping for gifts, you're bound to feel a little time-strapped.  And let's face it, adding "beautifying yourself" to the long list of to-dos isn't all that appealing.

    Beauty can sometimes feel like a full time job (waxing, plucking, exfoliating, moisturizing...it goes on and on) and frankly, sometimes we all just want to skip it, put on a pair of lulus and tie our hair up in a ponytail and stay fresh-faced for a day.

    It's the holidays. It's supposed to be joyous and fun! But, the reality is, even if you don't have the time, you still need to put a little extra effort into your look for all the soirees on your calendar.

    Let's start with your skin. Party-circuit frocks tend to be more revealing than your average workwear and put skin in the spotlight.  If you want yours to look luminescent you need to put a little work in - no spa required.
    Give yourself a spa-worthy scrub right in the comfort of your shower. By investing a few more minutes while you're sudsing up (I like to multitask and exfoliate while my conditioner is working its magic) you can slough off dead skin cells and uncover better, prettier skin.

    Find a product that smells delicious and revives your senses to enhance the experience. I'm obsessed with The Body Shop's Cranberry Joy Body Scrub ($18). It's paraben-free and its scent is just the pick-me-up I need in the a.m.

    You have to shower anyway right? So why not cross something off that beauty to-do list at the same time? It can be your little reprieve from the holiday hoopla.


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