Style in Seconds: Add Colour

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Everyone is in a time crunch and because of it, some things fall by the wayside. But you don't have to call a moratorium on style because you are always in a rush. To help simplify things, I'm starting a new series of posts that are short and sweet and will help you inject some more oomph into your wardrobe without taking loads of time.

Today's tip? Embrace the rainbow. 

Want to instantly add a little something extra to an otherwise drab outfit? Add colour. Not a teeny-tiny bit of pastel but a strong and vibrant shade.

Not sure where to start? Here are three easy ways to add it in:

Add a touch of air with a brightly coloured scarf. I've been loving ones like these from J. Crew:

J.Crew Wrap In Dalhia, $75

Embrace your inner starlet and pile on jewels (real or fake) for your daytime look. I love this necklace from Gemma Redux:

Gemma Redux Beth Necklace, $382

What about something you can wear almost everyday without looking like you're repeating the same outfit? It's possible. Buy an amazing jewel-toned coat or bag.

There. Don't you feel happier already?


  1. I love a splash of colour too.

  2. I absolutely agree! I love adding a pop of color to my outfits, especially when the weather gets all dark and gloomy and the sky is grey, helps brighten up the day! (didn't mean to rhyme, I promise)

  3. Great ideas! Easy and fun way to update a wardrobe of quality basics.

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