Giving Thanks

"Your time is limited, don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't let noises of others' opinions drown your inner voice." - Steve Jobs

Yesterday, as I slogged my way through an extremely slow 5K run (it had been awhile) with my iPhone, I was struck again at the impact Steve Jobs had on my life. I started running because of Nike+ which was created through a collaboration with Apple and Nike. Suddenly, using Nike+ made my runs worthwhile. I could see how I did, keep track of my personal bests and watch how my runs got longer and faster while they were logged on

Then when Nike+GPS launched for iPhone, it added a new dimension to my run. I can have my friends cheer me on in real time when I opt in for "cheers" on Facebook during my actual run. I can set goals to run against myself (faster, longer, etc.) and get "atta girls" from athletes like Lance Armstrong when I'm struggling to speed up.

Nike+ has made me fitter, healthier and has given me a love for running that I never thought would have been possible - especially at the beginning when running around the block seemed impossible.  And now, I won't run without it. I always think "What's the point? It won't count. I can't track it without Nike+!"

That's just one small effect Steve Jobs had on my life. I am thankful for it and all the other ways he has changed our world.

Seeing as it is Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, I've been thinking a lot about what I'm grateful for and how lucky I am to have so much in my life.  Friends, family, health, security, a great job...

As I look back on all the accomplishments in Steve's life, I keep thinking about how we all could learn from his way of living - think different, take risks, embrace change.  Just another thing to thank him for - inspiration.

For an extra dose of motivation to push yourself to the next level, here's his Stanford Commencement Speech from 2005:


  1. This is a really nice post, and gave me something to think about. As for Nike+ I never use my iPhone to run -- do you just run with it in your hand? I find it so big, but also don't have a pocket big enough in my running gear to fit it. Help?

  2. @chantelsimmons

    I'm not going to was a bit awkward. I held it in my hand. Although I'm pretty sure Nike has an armband you can get for it. I'm thinking about investing in that.

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