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Whether you are matriculating this fall or not, back to school shopping is in high gear and it's hard not to get excited about buying new clothes for the season.

For tips on how to stay within your budget while restocking your closet, read my latest guest post here.

How do you keep your fall shopping in check?


  1. I have a pretty good stock of forever pieces these days that I can pull together. I love having classic basics that always look good no matter how bad the hair day and try to save up for at least one a year.

    xo Mary Jo

  2. I try to give myself a budget and not go over it, no matter how tempting. It's hard to do but worth it in the long run - especially when the credit card bill comes!

  3. @Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle

    I totally agree that the classic pieces make any outfit way better. I love the idea of saving and buying one a year.

  4. @Samantha

    Sticking to a budget is a great idea. It is the WORST feeling when you're looking at a credit card bill a month after an unplanned shopping spree!

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