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A recent survey completed by The Body Shop showed that 74% of Canadians spend five minutes or longer in the shower. If you're thinking, big deal...well, actually, it is! This amounts to over 750 billion litres of water a year!

With water being one of our most precious resources, The Body Shop is asking Canadians to take the Three Minute Shower Challenge to help reduce water consumption.

Take the challenge and make your shower even more guilt-free by using one of The Body Shop's Shower Gels from their Earth Lovers collection.

At $12.00 each, these 100% biodegradable shower gels feature a soap-free base and contain no sulfates, parabens or colourants. Even better? They smell divine! My personal fave is the Apricot & Basil variation.

It's Earth Day, so why not make your next shower a quickie?

Will you take the Three Minute Shower Challenge? What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?


  1. This is very inspiring! Who knew that so much water was wasted?? By all of us cutting down our time in the shower, we could go a long way to saving on of our most precious resources.
    Thanks for posting!

  2. @Samantha

    When you see the numbers added up, it really is quite shocking! I'll definitely be thinking twice before taking a long shower!

  3. Levi's jeans are also committed to reducing the amount of water they use. A new initiative called Water<Less is helping the planet ... you should check it out ...

  4. 3 minute shower challenge? I'm in! Sometimes we forget how much we consume on a daily basis.

    Great to see posts which really hit home and manage to make us stop to think. And hopefully change our uber-consuming ways!

    xo ShoeTease

  5. @ShoeTease

    Thanks for your comment! Let me know how you handle the challenge!

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