Going back to your roots

Those of us who colour our hair (especially blondes), are in a constant battle with roots. When you first get your hair coloured, you love it. It looks amazing. Then, four to five weeks later, the regrowth starts showing and your oh-so-natural colour isn't looking so natural anymore.

For those of you who don't mind your roots - embrace it! Showing off them off is now au courant in Hollywood.

Personally, I think a love affair between me and my roots is unlikely. But what about you?

Will you embrace the ombré trend or will you keep your colourist on speed dial?

Image courtesy of blondechicette.blogspot.com.


  1. I say "go natural!" Some of us can't do hair dye so we have no choice but to rock what we've got. Do you think that outgrown roots are a trend that will continue or "fade away?"

  2. I personally love the ombre look. I can't wear it myself but I encourage all my girlfriends who can to go for it. Although I can't help but think what would Todd (Melanie and my colourist) say? Dark roots?! In fashion?!

  3. I think Whitney's awesome, and I totally get this look, but I still think it would look better if she'd go a bit darker all over - the ends are just so light that it makes it look like she just got lazy and hasn't gone for a colour in months! I think it almost looks worse than 2 inches of roots.

  4. @Samantha

    I think it's a trends that will probably come and go. It really isn't the most flattering look at all. I think if you don't have such a drastic difference between your colour and your natural colour then maybe it's a bit easier to pull off.
    Otherwise, I say call your colourist - STAT!

  5. @Zoey

    I definitely don't feel pretty when my roots are growing in. It's hard for me to wait 7-8 weeks between colour! I definitely can't pull this trend off and Todd would definitely not allow it either! :)

  6. @chantelsimmons

    I totally agree that it kind of looks lazy! It's like she couldn't be bothered to sit through the 2+hrs of colour to make it look right...

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