Give Winter the Kiss Off

It's February. And let's face it. Sometimes winter can really suck. It's cold. It's grey (or white) outside. Spring feels like it should be just around the corner, but we still have a few more weeks of bad weather and boots ahead of us before we're homefree.

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I need a break from the cold. Luckily for all of us, we can instantly upgrade our style and moods with one easy switch: inject some honeysuckle into your life.

Whether spotted at the Marche aux Fleurs in Nice...

...or on the red carpet...

Image from is everywhere.

Pick up a bright pink lipstick and instantly upgrade any outfit.

Winter-woes be gone! After all, who can feel bad wearing those gorgeous, bright lips?

What do you do to escape the winter blahs?

Will you try out a new make-up trend to add some life to your style this February?


  1. Oh I am loving honeysuckle too... totally going to apply some tomorrow morning, perfect pick me up after a long weekend and heading back the grind :)

  2. Great point Kelly Lynn! We definitely need a little extra oomph after a long weekend. Let me know how it goes tomorrow. I'll be testing it out too!

  3. Love it, Mel! I'm really looking forward to leaving winter well behind me. Question: What colour of pink should us darker-skinned women wear in terms of lipsticks? I always found this a challenge as bright pink would look to shocking and I don't always want to look that "made up." Any tips for a more subtle look that could still embrace the honeysuckle vibe?


  4. I want to fill my place with those gorgeous flowers in your photo!

  5. Great idea to spruce up with pretty colours (as I sit here in an all grey outfit LOL) - my lipstick is kind of bright today - hopefully that counts ;)

  6. Love how a fun and bright pink lip can bring my whole face alive in the winter. I'm not a lipstick gal but I'm always looking for a fun pink gloss! Any brands/shades you recommend?

  7. @Samantha

    Great question Samantha. Pink is a great colour for all skin tones.

    For darker skin, I recommend going with a pink that has plum/purple-y undertones.

    Medium/olive skin tones should choose lipsticks in shades of mauve, berry and rose pinks.

    Fair-skinned individuals can choose bright pinks and berry tones.

    Also, if you want a less "made-up" look, opt for a sheer lipstick or a gloss, which will still let you wear some colour without looking overdone.

  8. @Health and Swellness

    That market in Nice is definitely a must-see. The colours were amazing. I'm thinking about framing that photo for my living room.

  9. @curls-and-pearls

    Hi Curls-and-Pearls, thanks for your comment. Yes! Bright lipstick definitely counts! I'm sure it looks great with your neutral outfit!

  10. I've had a love affair with pink for the past couple of years - it's magnetic. Especially in the home. The cover of the current issue of House Beautiful sums it up best: "the power of pink." It really does have the ability to transform a space.

    Great blog, Mel!

  11. @Zoey

    Rimmel has a great selection of glosses and lipsticks that are affordable.

    I also love NARS and Bobbi Brown for their range of colours.

    A great pink that is suitable for all skin tones is Dolce Vita by NARS.

  12. @Diane

    Thanks for you comment Diane! I agree that pink definitely packs a power punch!

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